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Recent updates

Details of the 2019 Broad Haven Kite Rendevous can be found here.

You can now follow us on our Facebook page
and our group page:- "Friends of White Horse Kite Flyers"
and we have a new Twitter page at:- WhiteHorseKites
We are now linked with some other AKA clubs to receive copies of their Newsletters. If you want to see these click here.
We also exchange news letters with MKF and you can see theirs here

This site has been hacked and our bank details used illegally so all bank information, email addresses and personal numbers
have been removed from these pages.
In July 2018 we have also moved our account so please do not use the old account details.
If you are making out a cheque for us, please use the full name "WHITE HORSE KITE FLYERS" (Note; Block capitals)
as new antifraud regulations will only allow the registered name and not variations.
If you want to contact us please phone for details using addresses and numbers that you have already or PM us on Facebook.

You can now pay your subscription by bank transfer.Please return your application by email and request bank details.
Please check our dates pages for events we may be going to.
NOTE:Due to insurance changes events do not have to be listed here to be covered. If you are arranging your own event please check that it complies with the requirements of the BKFA
Notable events in The Club history.
Have a look at the Scrap Book. Press pictures over the years.

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