1981 Neil and Ron first meet at Malvern Common
1987 Neil and Ron started meeting regularly
1990 Richard Everett starts producing monthly news letter.
First 2 issues titled
White Horse Kite Flyers News Sheet.
No copies of these can be located.
Committee formed
1991 Lydiard Hagamans attended 1st AGM at Barbury
WHKF wind sock purchased
1992 Lydiard Don Mock attended NP wind sock made
Greenham Common Festival
Dave Jones takes over as magazine editor
1993 Lydiard Poor weather Dwarfs made
1994 Lydiard First green sleds printed
PO box registered
1995 Wroughton Long grass The Beast
1996 Wroughton Teddy winch designed
New trailer
Centipeed built
Albatros made by Phil Scarfe
Dave Robinson makes the exploding bol
Sam houston: Genki
1997 Wroughton Dreadful weather Big legs made
Vic Walker teddy drop record
Yakko stack built
Don Mock: Mockform
Barry Poulter: Celtic Hex
John Browning: Yakko bee swarm
1998 Wroughton Weather OK Donald Capewell built big Bol
Haloween night fly
John Browning: Yakko bee swarm
Barry Poulter: Kite art
Arthur Dibble: Parachuting bear
Francesca Caton: Super Ted
1999 Wroughton Teddy tower bought Sam Houston: Roller
2000 Wroughton Good weather
2001 Pennhill School Due to Foot and Mouth disease
Dan Kurahashi attended
Tracy Willis takes over as magazine editor
Founder member Ron Gunter died
Delta Conyne train
Woolfgang Grimsel: Mosaic
2002 Lydiard Easy-Up wrecked at Stowe Cathy Goodwin: Swindon Star
Phil Scarfe: Parafoil
2003 Lydiard ARD takes over as chairman at AGM Charlie Sotich
Martin Lester: Stick men
2004 Wroughton Peter Lynn, Janneka Groen attended
Gibson Girl Display
Playsail and first arch made
Twin wind socks
Sam Houston: Tri-D
2005 Wroughton Stick men train
BKFA formed
Ralf Maserski: Box Tower
Robert Brassington: Box
2006 Wroughton Holme Struck: Bowed Eddy
Kelvin Woods: Butterfly
2007 Wroughton Rained out AKA club of the Year
Blue legs made
Tom MacAlister: Paper box.
John Freeman: Bargello Dela Porta
2008 Lydiard Weather good Karl Longbottom: Swan
Phil Scarfe: Barn door flames/alien.
2009 Brinkworth BBC stole our date Arthur Dibble takes over as magazine editor Cliff Quinn: Modern Marconi
2010 Brinkworth Red legs completed Paul and Helene Morgan: 3do
2011 Lydiard First Fun Fly
Club banners and penants.
New trailer
Paul and Helene Morgan: Sirius Box
2012 Fun Fly 2, Lechlade Dan Kurahashi attending Ground very wet at FF Dan Kurahashi: welded plastic/bamboo train and Miniature Cody
2013 Fun Fly 3, Lechlade Linda Sanders attending Ribbon Arch made Linda Sanders banners
2014 Fun Fly 4, Lechlade Great event. No wind. Andrew Rumming takes over as Magazine editor. Size reduced because of postal charges.
Major changes to insurance.
Jan van Leeuwen, 5 sided twisted box.
2015 Fun Fly 5, Lechlade Great social. Not much wind. Arthur Dibble stands down as Chairman and Dave Robinson takes over dual role as Chairman/Secretary. Linda Sanders: Individual banners.
2016 Fun Fly 6, Lechlade Wind change means Arthur and Bob end up in the trees. Entertainment for all weekend trying to get them back. Arthur Dibble returns as editor. Ralf Maserski:Square beam and Stack 7
2017 Fun Fly 7, Lechlade Great week end. Hired marquee and cooker worked well. Dave Thompson takes over as Chairman at the AGM. Martin Lester Goose
2018 Fun Fly 8, Lechlade Rained friday lunch until Sunday lunch. Paul and Helene Morgan: TWIST
2019 Fun Fly 9
Almost got tent up in the dry.
Rained on & off all weekend
Road closed Saturday night.
Ralf Maserski:Positive/Negative
2020 Fun Fly 10 CANCELLED due to COVD-19 Committee meetings via ZOOM. Alicja Szalska: Ciquare
2021 Fun Fly 10/b Great weekend. Dry throughout. Wind very light. The Doug Jones Memorial Fun Fly
2022 Fun Fly 11 Excellent weekend. Rained until just before Friday set-up. Saturday dry and sunny with nice breeze. Great Beef Ragout and fruit crumble evening meal.Sunday virtually no wind. Loads of teddy dropping.
2023 Fun Fly 12
23/24 September