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from the committee

Hope to see you at the Christmas Pudding fly on 27th

1) This site has been hacked and our bank details used illegally so all bank information, email addresses and personal numbers are being removed.
If you want to contact us please phone for details using addresses and numbers that you have already or PM us on Facebook.
2) Due to holiday this site will not be updated between 15th and 30th January 2015.

The page for a possible Purple Lady workshop in 2015

The Friday Night Chat Room has now been removed and the link is now used for event webcams
You can now pay your subscription by bank transfer.Please return your application by email and request bank details.
Please check our dates pages for events we may be going to. These are the ones the club insurance covers you for.
Notable events in The Club history.
Have a look at the Scrap Book. Press pictures over the years.
Have you signed our Guest map?

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