Workshop 2013

Sewing Guide Lines from Linda

First, the attached files need access to a computer with a printer.
You or anyone can then print off the two .pdf files ONE and TWO which are to scale from the China Lady banner design. (Ordinary computer printer paper is fine.)
Although users may not have access to banner nylon, they can still practise the zigzag sewing part.

Images below as a guide:

Total length of the banner will be 2.6 metres (yellow coloured below), shown compared to the ones we make here at 4.4 metres.
Next image alongside, enlarged, is the modified artwork (I've taken out all the intricately twisty bits) still as 2.6 metres when cut/sewn.

The areas involving the eyes are black on white - so for those wanting to practise the sewing technique / stitch width beforehand, the pattern parts attached as .pdf files are exactly to scale.
The smallest component of the pattern will be the white dot on the eye.
If everyone can manage to stitch neatly at this size, then... NO PROBLEMS!

The 3mm black lines on the patterns show the seams to be sewn with zigzag stitch. The widest stitch setting on most domestic machines I think...?

If are practising, the method I use is
(1) cut out all the black parts first on the outer side of the pattern lines.
(2) remove black bits from the pattern and lay to one side
(3) lay white fabric over pattern, and cut out on the inner side of pattern lines, leave on paper.
(4) re-introduce the black pieces, overlay to match to the pattern lines.
(5) Hot-weld / dot two fabrics together.
(6) When all pieces are welded, GENTLY remove the whole piece of fabric (without popping any of the welds), and sew with widest zigzag from the BACK (easier to see white fabric for sewing).

I'm hoping to bring all the necessary fabric pieces (banner nylon) precut, and the hot-welding will be done in the workshop. Everyone can then sew at their pace.

Tip on how to handle such a bunch of fabric is to roll up the ends not being worked on, like a tapestry worker would. I hold mine with small bulldog clips, some people use large safety pins.

I really have NO IDEA what level of skill is needed to do this type of sewing (larger scale than kite applique - no small fiddly bits), but I'm anticipating that only a raw beginner would find curves and twists too difficult?