Workshop 2020

On 8th and 9th February 2020 we will be running a workshop. The teacher will be Alicja Szalska from Poland.

The location will be at ST.JOSEPH'S COLLEGE, SWINDON,SN3 3LR
The cost of the workshop will be £130 and we need a minimum of 12 participants but would prefer up to 15. This will include all the usual WHKF hospitality during the two days.
To book a deposit of £65 is required. Please contact:-
treasurer (@)
for bank details or phone number if you wish to pay by card. We are sorry about the additional steps but due to GDPR and security restrictions we can not publish these details.

The kite will be the Ciquare. A 70cm square sail with multi colour paterns and a wide tail of more than 3.5m long.
The kit includes all parts needed for the kite and tail, as well as for the kite and tail bags + full size printed templates.

You can find details of the 6 available patterns and colour choices in the links below.
When you have made your choice please download the pattern and fill in your colour selections and return it to:-
secretary (@) NO LATER THAN 1ST DECEMBER 2019

Some notes from the tutor
There are 3 patterns marked as "Advanced" with a big amount of circles in the pattern. Sewing these
patterns takes more time, so I would recommend them for those builders, who feel comfortable with
lots of "appliqué" sewing. It's to make sure everybody will finish their kites during the workshop.
I personally do not use any "circular sewing attachments" for sewing the circles, to avoid making holes in the fabric.
With some practise you can really make perfect circles using your hands and sewing machine only ;)
However, if someone is familiar with this kind of equipment and would like to use it
- that is fine, it makes the circles sewing process easier, but… holes in the fabric.
Kind regards,

For pattern A Please click here.
For pattern B Please click here.
For pattern C Please click here.
For pattern D Please click here.
For pattern E Please click here.
For pattern F Please click here.

For colour choices please see the chart below.
Neon pink, neon orange and skin colours are NOT available.